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#GPOYW Travis Bickle GIF Edition
Animated with Loopcam for iPhone.




I painted this for a gentleman on reddit that requested a painting of Gob Bluth from Arrested Development in the style of “The Kramer”

This is the result. Thanks for checking it out!

The final count down.

Wow. I’ll take one.

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Cool blogs are cool, and Oh Happy Day is certainly one of those.  They’re offering a trip for 2 to Paris.  You should read the post and enter.

Good luck.  But seriously, don’t win because I want to.



Completely Honoured *blush*


Earlier this week I posted about Backyard Bill and promised I’d share some of my favorites, having recently redone my links page. That said, I’d like to introduce you to Nova Style by Jillian Hobbs. I first met Jillian randomly over some noodles in Nolita and was started to check out her blog. She manages to find images and editorials I don’t see anywhere else on the web—not even on tumblr. Aside from the content, the layout is so inviting, clean and easy. There’s nothing worse than a blog with a terrible layout, blech. Take a look at Nova Style, add it your RSS and give her a follow here on tumblr as well.

Awesome Jill!

  • Question: Hey Jeremy.. Been following your Zeus project since Senneca told me he was going to win best supporting actor, or maybe best supporting cameo... regardless.. psyched to see it when it's done. Question about your rig. Did a shoot with MTV for a reality Tv show a month ago and they added to my intrigue in definitely nailing down a DSLR for video now. I really think the 7d is the way to go, money, spec everything. I mean all i'm really losing from the 5d markII is that full frame shot on the camera side.. anyways i digress. Wondering what lens you are using and what is your audio rig? Thanks. - marriedtothesea
  • Answer:

    Hey, sorry I just saw this message.  Hopefully you didn’t send it a really long time ago and thought I was ignoring you.  We shot on the 7d, which is a phenomenal camera.  I’ve never worked w/ the 5d, though it is the higher-end of the two.  But I think many people are snatching up the 7d b/c of price.  We did some reshoots on the Canon t2i, which has the exact same video functions and only lacks some still photo capabilities.  The t2i is half the price of the 7d, so if you’re looking to save money, I’d definitely go w/ that.  That’s what I’m saving to buy actually.  Anyway, on the 7d we used a Canon 28-135mm.  I’m not sure what my DP had for the reshoots on the t2i though.  Our sound rig is very minimal; we used a Zoom H4n recorder with a boom mic.  They’re like $300 and really easy to use. 

    For sound syncing, and I actually just had a convo w/ my DP about this, my recommendation is to always keep the camera mic on to record audio to the video file.  Record sound using an external unit, like the H4n, and then in the edit bay get a program called PluralEyes.  I just started using it, and I can get you a copy for free if you want.  If you’ve never used it, it matches wave forms from the camera mic w/ the external audio source files and syncs them for you in your Final Cut timeline.  Making your life much easier.  (There are other ways to sync sound of course, I just haven’t figured out how w/ the 7d or t2i as it’s nearly impossible to sync timecode exactly on the camera and external audio source).

    Hope this helps you.  Good luck.  And thank you for following the blog.  Hopefully I’ll have some more exciting updates come December.  And Senneca probably will win best supporting actor at at least one festival next spring; he’s really good.


iPhone 4 iPhone 4 was unveiled today with a few exciting features for filmmakers.  First and foremost, iPhone 4 will come equipped with 5 megapixel camera (standard and front-facing camera) with 5x digital zoom and more importantly the ability to record HD video at 720p and 30fps.  

Considering that I was contemplating the purchase of a Flip camera just last week for the production of some upcoming web projects, it seems as though Apple is making the effort to render the Flip camera obsolete technology.  Why would anyone carry an iPhone AND a Flip?  They both shoot HD 720p and 30fps.  But as a bonus, Apple announced that iMovie will also be available soon for iPhone 4, which means now you can shoot your videos, edit them right on your phone, and upload them to YouTube.  Plus, the price tag is a little more reasonable for an iPhone, $199 for the 16GB model (the Flip Slide HD, 4Hr record time, will cost you $279).  Of course, if you are recording sound separately, you’ll still need to import your videos and sync sound.

The most anticipated feature of iPhone 4’s video for me, one that I haven’t been able to find any information on yet, is whether or not you will be able to zoom in video mode.  The tap-to-focus feature carries over from the 3GS, but I’m afraid only for pictures.  

iPhone 4 certainly seems to be an economical choice for on-the-go filmmaking, but as with any format it will have its limitations.  However, with Apple’s announcement today, I have to admit I am excited about the filmmaking possibilities iPhone 4 has to offer.

For an added bonus, Apple also announced today that Netflix for the iPhone will be available soon.  Netfilx subscribers will be able to stream Netflix movies to their iPhones.  Suddenly, being stuck in an airport overnight or taking the 7-hour trip on the Super Bus from Buffalo to NYC doesn’t seem so bad…


Tmrw begins my quest for healthier lifestyle. Also this tweet is an apology for a duplicate Hausu Tumblr post; didn’t check app settings


Happy to report “Hausu” met all expectations. #house


C’mon, Snow. Put Charlotte in a state of emergency so I don’t have to go to work tomorrow.